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Maria Vogel

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Yesterday I went to the Maria Vogel fashion show, some of you might remember her because of the time I post some pics of her designs here.

The place looked very nice and well organized. I even had a chair with my name on it (I forgot to take a picture of it u.u)

I like a lot the show, they have amazing clothes and shoes!

Here are some of the pictures I took during the show:

OMG I want those shoes…

After all those great clothes, the last 2 items: the cute reconstructed dresses we already know.

I still cannot get over that great black dress!

I had a great time, congratulations to Maria Vogel for the great work she did on the collection and show.

I wish we can see her designs and shoes for sale somewhere soon ñ_ñ

Stay tuned to her blog for news and official pictures.

She also has a fan page on facebook: become a fan here.