Best Essential Oils for Sore Throat

If you have a sore throat, it may be a challenge to drink liquids. Indeed, it feels like you are living in the middle of the Sahara desert without water. It’s not fun to have a sore throat, right? It’s not essential to take antibiotics or medications with serious side effects whenever you get sick.

You can use essential oils to alleviate symptoms of the common cold. Essential oils can soothe a sore throat. There is a variety of reasons why sore throats occur.

Keep reading this article to learn more about sore throat as well as the treatments for this health condition. At the same time, we will also give you a detailed review of the best essential oils for this health condition.

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are available in over 90 different types. Each of them has a distinct scent. Also, each of them offers its unique health benefits. The fact is that essential oils re effective in treating health problems.

Essential oils can be used to treat certain health problems such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, migraines, headaches, sore throat, and inflammation.

Best Essential Oils for Sore Throat Reviews

1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This is one of the most things used as home remedies. They are used to treat the common cold. This essential oil is extracted from the eucalyptus tree. It can help to eliminate swelling that leads to sore throats.

This essential oil is a key ingredient in a wide range of cold and flu medications. There are many benefits you can get from the eucalyptus essential oils. The oil can help to relieve congestion. Also, it can help to improve respiratory circulation. Moreover, it will decrease mucus that leads to a sore throat.

It contains a compound known as cineole that is beneficial. It can help to eliminate inflammation that can lead to difficulty swallowing.

2. Lemon Essential Oil

We can’t miss the lemons when it comes to immune health. You can use lemon essential oils to remove toxins from your body and your high concentration of vitamin C. Therefore, it can help to eliminate infections.

This essential oil is extracted from the rind of the lemon fruit. It can boast antibacterial properties to reduce harmful bacteria. Also, it can be used to cleanse the body of toxins as well as impurities.

Lemon contains chemical compounds that can increase salivation to keep a sore throat moist. Moreover, you can also use lemon essential oils to reduce pain and inflammation. This option is ideal for those who are looking for relief from the pain of a sore throat.

3. Juniper Berry Essential Oil

This essential oil is sourced from the juniper tree known as Juniperuscommunis. It features a spicy aroma. You can find this essential oil in household cleaning products because of its antibacterial properties as well as sweet smell.

You can use this oil to treat infections as well as heal wounds. There are more than 80 active ingredients found in this essential oil. They can help to boast antifungal and antioxidant powers. This oil can eliminate throat pain caused by a dry cough.

4. Oregano Oil

This essential oil is extracted from the oregano plant. It can boast antiviral properties. It helps to reduce sore throat pain that is caused by viruses.

Moreover, this essential oil can be used to defeat bacteria like Klebsiella pneumonia. In addition, if you want to reduce congestion as well as mucus production, you can also use oregano oil.

Furthermore, oregano oil can numb pain in the throat thanks to anesthetic qualities included.

5. Peppermint Essential Oil

This is a good solution for those who get sick. It’s delivered from the leaves of the peppermint plant. You can use this essential oil to alleviate sinus infections as well as respiratory infections. Moreover, it can soothe a sore throat as well.

According to a 2015 sturdy, this essential oil can be used to treat bacterial infections. The peppermint essential oils contain menthol known as the main component. It offers a cooling effect.

You can use it to soothe a burning throat. Also, it can be used to relax throat muscles which are inflamed. What’s more, this essential oil can loosen phlegm which may irritate the throat.

6. Tea Tree Essential Oil

This oil is known as melaleuca oil. It’s derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree. It brings a strong piney fragrance.

If you use tea tree essential oil, you can open up airways as well as reduce a stuffy nose. This oil also relieves mucus production in order to soothe a sore throat. In addition, this unit has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. They can remove the root cause of sore throat.

7. Clove Essential Oil

This essential oil is sourced from the clove plant known as Syzygiumaromaticum. The oil is used in medication because of its sweet and spicy scent. This essential oil is popular for its use in promoting oral health as well as dentistry.

It is built with powerful anesthetic properties. Therefore, you can use it to numb feelings of pain. It contains eugenol that is used to relieve localized pain and swelling by dentists. The oil is also used for the treatment of filling. The clove essential oil is also able to kill germs that lead to cavities and infections.

Moreover, this oil is great in the treatment of the streptococcus bacteria that leads to strep throat. You can use it as a topical pain reliever. It can be used to alleviate the painful symptoms of a sore throat.

How to Use Essential Oils to Soothe Sore Throat Pain

There are many ways to use essential oils in the treatment of sore throats.

Here are some of the most effective ways you can use essential oils to soothe sore throat pain. Although there are many ways to use essential oil, not all of them can be used in all these ways.

Keep reading to learn about the most effective methods noted under it.

The fact is that some types of essential oils are highly potent. They actually can lead to skin irritations. That’s why you need to know the best and safest ways of using these oils.

Topical Application

In order to relieve your pain of a sore throat, you can apply these essential oils directly to your skin. You should use carrier oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. They help your skin absorb the oil quickly.

It’s best to mix 6-8 drops of essential oils with a heaping tablespoon of carrier oil. Then, massage gently into your neck, chest, and throat area.

Oral Use

According to many experts, we shouldn’t consume pure essential oils since they contain a high concentration of chemical compounds. However, they are certified by the FDA as they are safe for consumption.

In fact, there are many essential oils for sore throat that you can consume orally when done cautiously. You only should consume the highest quality of essential oils. The fact is that many lower quality essential oils contain full of synthetics that may lead to harmful side effects.

You should look for essential oils from reputable brands that let you know exactly where and how their oils are produced. There are some methods of oral consumption such as taking essential oil capsules, adding oils to recipes, or drinking tea.

It’s important to follow the guidelines on the essential oil when you use it. You can add only 1 drop of essential oil to brew larger batches of tea. You can also add 1 drop of oils to a glass of warm water.

Toxic Oils

Although some essential oils can be used orally, there are some oils we should avoid ingesting.

You mustn’t avoid consuming tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil orally because they are toxic.

There are some symptoms of toxicity such as vomiting, dizziness, shallow breathing, and seizures. Once you suffer from any of these symptoms when using an essential oil, you have to contact your poison control center immediately.


One of the most effective ways to soothe a sore throat with essential oils is aromatherapy. Every time you inhale the aroma of essential oils, your body will get minuscule molecular as well as chemical compounds. They bring a variety of health benefits. Also, they can help to alleviate your sore throat pain.

You have many ways to inhale essential oils to soothe a sore throat. You can get steam inhalation by adding a few drops of essential oil to a bath with boiling water. This is great for removing phlegm. Another way is to place 2 drops of essential oil in your palms. Then, rub them together.

In addition, you can also add essential oils to an essential oil diffuser. The diffuser comes in several different types. And, the most effective ones include nebulizer and ultrasonic diffusers. All you need to do is just add 2-3 drops of essential oil and breathe deeply. Some models let you set a timer. Therefore, you can release oils all day.

Choosing the Right Essential Oil for Sore Throat

There are many vast undiscovered health benefits and use of essential oils. In spite of knowing the uses of essential oils, you have to know how to choose the proper essential oil with the best quality. Here are some important things to consider when choosing the best essential oils for sore throat:


When looking for pure essential oils, don’t forget to search for ones that contain the actual botanical names of the plants among their ingredients. These essential oils are more likely to be purer.


You should look for the highest quality of essential oils. They have undergone the least changes during their extractions. They are free of chemical content. Also, these oils are usually extracted by distillation. Moreover, they can be also extracted by cold press mechanical method.


When searching for good essential oils, you should be choosing ones that come from a highly reputable as well as a trustworthy brand.
It’s best to choose good quality essential oils for the treatment of sore throats as well as simply for prevention.


You can use essential oils to treat symptoms of sore throat. They contain the antimicrobial properties that help to remove bacteria. They also help you feel healthy again quickly. They can relieve inflammation that can cause it hard to swallow thanks to anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential oils are a great alternative to medications for sore throat treatments since they are natural. You won’t take medications that taste gross. These oils can also boost your immune system. It can also prevent the next cold from taking root. Choose one essential oil to feel better in no time.

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